Wood/Light III - Closed Tangle (2023)

38" x 36" x 32"
Wood, acrylic, steel, LEDs, electronics, software

This work is the second in a series of geometric “tangled” light sculptures. It appears to be crafted from solid wood, yet unexpectedly illuminates from within. The series is part of an ongoing investigation of merging technology with natural materials, creating surprising juxtapositions of both form and behavior.

The shapes start as hand drawn sketches, then become 3D models randomized and mutated with a parametric process subject to both aesthetic and structural constraints. "Closed Tangle" takes the series even further and uses custom algorithms to evolve a continuous shape that meets itself.

The geometry and light patterns of each sculpture in the “Tangle” series are intended to hover between organic and synthetic. The colors and shapes are derived from natural systems, manipulated with code.

The second edition, shown here, is derived from generative particle systems. The unfolding motion of an algorithmic system is abstracted into light behavior that seems ambiguously both alive and programmed.

Fabrication assistants: River Friedman, Dan Gross, Shray Tripathi

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