Prism Atemporal (2013)

Video projector, haze machine, Processing code. 36 feet long x 21 feet wide x 32 feet high.

Collaboration with Stephan Breuer.

Prism Atemporal is a monumental immaterial light sculpture projected in the space of the magnificent Salle des Gardes of the Palais Impérial de Compiègne outside of Paris, France. The light form appears to have three dimensional solidity yet viewers can walk through and inside it as the volume changes shape.

“The perpetual cycle of the two monochrome colors, white and gold, represents the links between both side of each reality, the immaterial reality (white) and the material reality (gold). The sculpture evolves in time through three states of absolute before reaching a state of perfection where both colours finally merge together. At the end of the cycle the sculpture slowly changes volume by contracting itself towards the most minimal state, a simple and pure vertical line of light. This final state expresses the will to always rationalise thoughts and concepts as much as possible. After this state of contraction the sculpture finds its original monumental volume and the cycle starts again. This whole evolution is perpetual.

To fully feel this piece we must penetrate it and initiate a voyage through the prism of our own perception towards this state of levitation where time finally disappears. This piece is an intense meditation on the origin of the universe as well as on the nature of the creative process itself. It is also a reflection on our desire to receive and our will to give. In the end the sense of this absolute future is altruism as we need to find the right balance and equilibrium between these two antagonistic forces that structure every human relationship.”

— Stephan Breuer (translated from French)

Original concept: Stephan Breuer (Flying)
Design and Programming: Eric Forman
Curator: Magali Alcaide (We Want Contrast)
Music: Jean Francois Mory
Producer: Leslie Dubest (Un Plan Simple) 

Exhibited in the Palais Impérial de Compiègne, Musées et Domaine Nationaux, France.

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