Collaborative TreeHouse (2010 - )

Welded steel, pressure-treated pine, cedar, canvas sail. 30' x 25' x 50' high.

Design and construction with artist Benjamin Luzzatto (founder) and Josh Dunn (lead builder). 

Structures both practical and experimental. A large team of different people have contributed to this over the years.

A collaborative utopian project in a secret location in the upper Adirondacks. An experiment in collective design. A communal gift. For the past few years, the project has been an invite-only artist residency. Hopefully in the future it will be open to many others.

Our next steps involve the design, building, and integration of sustainable and permaculture principals. So far we have a rainwater and filtration system for kitchen cabins, two highly efficient rocket stoves using only fallen wood as fuel, and soon a giant suspended wooden Victrola horn for natural amplification of sound and music.

See more photos of the making of here.

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