TimeFlow (2008, 2012)

Video projection or LED videowall, motion tracking camera, software. 80” x 120” x 48”.

An interactive video installation showing a collage of time-lapse and stop-motion vignettes: plants and weeds growing in the cracks of the city, light and shadow movement over near-abstract industrial forms, and slow motion footage of objects collapsing. When the viewer’s body passes the image in one direction, time moves forward. When passing in the opposite direction, times move in reverse. When the viewer is still, the image appears to be a frozen photograph, and individual moments can be dwelt on frame by frame by slightly swaying one’s body.

The images show states of transformation with no clear directionality. Progress is not necessarily in the order one assumes it to be. Constraints can be freeing, breaking down might be growth, destruction can be rebirth.

The first iteration of the piece was shown on a high-definition video projection with a concealed motion tracking camera. The second iteration of the piece uses an unusually horizontal custom made ultra high-def screen with a concealed Kinect tracking camera.

[Private collection.]

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