Sculptural Light Installation (2016)

72" x 384" x 20"

Wood, LEDs, acrylic, aluminum

Commissioned by Motherboard NYC. Controller hardware in collaboration with Symmetry Labs.

NOTE: These images and video are temporary and unofficial, pending official photoshoot.

This installation called for a room-filling but unobtrusive use of linear LED strips. Rather than the usual metal or plastic materials, this piece's design inspiration started with wood for a more natural and unusual feeling. 

What appears to be an array of solid wood beams are positioned in a geometric arrangement between wall and ceiling. However each can surprisingly illuminate from within in different patterns depending on time of day and viewer interaction.

The light glows through the wood grain on both the outside and inside faces, and can be controlled independently. Thus additional fields and planes of color appear where the light diffuses on the white wall. 

The underlying system can communicate with Motherboard's game interaction software, as well as an array of wireless sensors.


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