Light Tripod (2010)

30"-60" high x 20"-48" diameter.

Vintage wooden tripod, custom CCFL bulbs and inverter.

A limited edition series of unique lighting objects combining vintage wooden tripods with high technology and pure light. The tripods are sourced from auction houses all over the country and date back to the early or mid 1900’s. Re-use of these objects is not only environmentally sustainable, but respects the beauty of their original design.

Instead of the typical top placement, the tripod legs themselves are transformed into light elements and can be positioned individually. Custom made CCFL bulbs produce a very thin, precise, and saturated light with very low energy consumption. Red, green, and blue colored light combine to form white light when reflecting off of nearby surfaces. The adjustment of the legs modulates the amount of each color pointing outwards, effecting the overall color mix.

A second series is in production using vintage aluminum tripods with pure white light elements.

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